Tower of Palanthas

Tower of Palanthas

One of the five original Towers of High Sorcery

Approximate location: In the center of the city of Palanthas

Key figures: Raistlin, Dalamar, Palin

Description: The tower is surrounded by Shoikan grove, a magical grove of oaks that none may pass through without magical assistance. It is full of spirits and such. The Tower was once beautiful, white, surrounded by gold and silver gates, but it became black and twisted when it was cursed as the wizards were forced to give it away to the mayor of the city.

What happened there: The Tower was abandoned by the mages at the time all of the towers except for the one in Wayrath forest were being abandoned. Right before the key to the tower was handed a the Regent of the city, a black robe jumped out of a high window of the tower, saying no one would enter it until the master of both past and present returns with power. He died, speared by the gates cursing the tower.

True to his word, no one entered it, until Raistlin came along. Raistlin took up residence in the tower and took an apprentice, Dalamar in. When Raistlin went back in time and eventually died, Dalamar stayed and took many apprentices in.

Palin came to the tower for his Test, and during his test he entered the secret laboratory with the portal that had been closed. He also got to talk to his uncle.

Usha came to the Tower to see Dalamar later. The tower remained open to students until it was destroyed by a mage to stop Skie from using the portal.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009