Pig and Whistle Tavern

The Pig and Whistle Tavern

Approximate location: In Balifor, by the Bay of Balifor.

Key figures: William Sweetwater (the owner, a retired sailor who resembled a pig), and the Companions

What happened there: The Companions stayed at the Pig and Whistle Tavern during the War of the Lance. They spent a month there, resting and earning money. Raistlin performed illusions, Tika danced in a rather alluring costume, Caramon performed feats of strength, Tanis used his ability to see in the dark (probably guessing what people held up in the dark or something), Goldmoon sang and Riverwind played. The act provided as a cover for the Companions, and Goldmoon’s song of the old gods started the word spreading.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009