Pax Tharkas

Pax Tharkas

Approximate location: In Abanasinia, south of Qualinesti, north of Thorbaden, and in the pass between the mountains. It stands between the elven and dwarven kingdoms.

Key figures: The Companions, the elves (especially Kith-Kanon), and the dwarves.

Description: A gigantic fortress, with a secret opening on the side leading to the tomb of Kith-Kanan and another passage into the building. The passage leads into the chain room, a room with a device that drops huge stones in front of the fortress, securing it. In the chain room one door leads to the treasure room, which is guarded by a dark elf, forced to guard for all eternity for her crimes, and another leads outward. There are dungeons in Pax Tharkas, and a huge audience hall used to hold the great red dragon, Ember.

What happened there: It was created by the dwarves and the elves between the kingdoms to show friendship between the races. During the War of the Lance, Lord Verminaard stayed there with his red dragon, Ember (Pyros). His army was stationed there, and he also had slaves he had captured from Solace, Gateway, Haven, and the surrounding area there. The men mined, the women were kept separate from the men and forced to sew draconian uniforms, and the children were also separated, and guarded by another red dragon, Flamestrike (Matafleur), who viewed them as her children.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009