Approximate location: Palanthas is a city in Solamnia between the coast and the Vingaard mountains, protected by the High Clerist’s tower, which blocks the only pass through the mountains leading to Palanthas.

Key figures: Astinus, the Companions

Description: Palanthas is a city of extreme beauty. It is built like a wheel, with the Tower of High Sorcery at its center. There are eight major streets that lead off from the center in the directions of the eight major compass points, which lead to the seaport (north end of the city), and to seven gates in the wall surrounding Old City. The towers around the gates are covered with intricate designs that tell the history of Palanthas. New City is built carefully around Old City, but not encased in walls. The streets are covered with fitted stone, and lined with beautiful trees with delicate golden leaves. The buildings of Palanthas are pure white, made from rare, translucent marble.

What happened there: Palanthas holds the great library of Palanthas, where Astinus chronicles the history of Krynn.

Palanthas also holds one of the original five Towers of High Sorcery. During the reign of the Kingpriest, when the mages were forced to leave many of their towers, they took what books and components they could from the Tower of Palanthas, and brought the key to the Lord of Palanthas. Moments before they gave him the key a black robed mage appeared in a high window of the tower and cursed it. He said that no one would be able to enter the tower until the Master of Past and Present came to claim it, and then he jumped from the window and fell on the fence surrounding the tower, impaling himself on the barbs. The tower went from being beautiful, to being ugly. The grove around the tower became Shoiken Grove, a cursed grove that none may enter without powerful magical protection. The city surrounding the tower gives off such a feeling of fear that no one will go near it. Raistlin, the Master of Past and Present, enters the tower after the War of the Lance, and makes it his home/ laboratory. He brings with him the dark elf Dalamar, his apprentice. When he ends up living in the Abyss after trying to become a god, Dalamar stays in the tower and uses it as a training tower for mages. Palin takes his Test in the tower.

During the War of the Lance, Gilthanis brings the good dragons to Palanthas, where Laurana has been made general of the Knights of Solamnia. The army that protects Palanthas is recruited to help fight the evil.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009