Mount Nevermind

Mount Nevermind

Also known as, “A Great, Huge, Tall Mound Made of Several Different Strata of Rock of Which We Have Identified Granite, Obsidian, Quartz With Traces of Other Rock We Are Still Working On, That Has Its Own Internal Heating System Which We Are Studying In Order to Copy Some Day That Heats Up the Rock to Temperatures That Convert It Into Both Liquid and Gaseous States Which Occasionally Come to the Surface and Flow Down the Side of the Great, Huge Tall Mound…” (Dragons of Winter Night, 288)

Approximate location: Mt. Nevermind is a mountain and a city. It is near the shore, near Sancrist, and possibly near Solamnia.

Key figures: the gnomes

What happened there: Many inventions, explosions, mistakes, and lots of fast talking.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009