Approximate location: Neraka is a city. It is in Khur, east of Godshome, northeast of Sanction, and far northwest of Flotsam.

Key figures: The dark army, Takhisis, Berem

Description: Neraka is an old, poor village, which is turned into a tent city during the War of the Lance. A temple to the Queen of Darkness is the city’s most prominent feature, and it’s deformed structure is ever present in the mind of all who visit.

What happened there: In the famine time after the Cataclysm, Berem (the green gemstone man/the Everman) and his sister, Jasla, discover the temple to Takhisis. When Berem steals a green gemstone from the temple, it becomes embedded in his skin. Berem’s actions make it possible for Takhisis to enter Krynn, but not without catching him.

During the War of the Lance, Neraka becomes a center for the dark army. The Dragon Highlords hold council there. Ariakas is killed, Kitiara gets the Crown of Power, and the Dark Queen is prevented from entering Krynn when Raistlin lets Barem pass. Raistlin says a final farewell to the Companions and pays his dues.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009