Inn of the Last Home

Meeting place of the companions, and the start of a never ending series…

Picture of 'The Inn of the Last Home'

The Inn is described as old and cracked, not fancy, but comfortable. The inside curves around the vallenwood it perches on, the bar and walls seem part of the tree, and even the dwarven made fireplace looks like it’s part of the tree, with its chimney winding through the branches. The dining room is bean shaped with stained glass windows, there is an escape hatch in the kitchen (with a 45 foot drop), and stairs curve all the way around the outside of the tree down to the ground 40 feet below. Lanterns light the stairway, and at least some of the windows are stained-glass.

Approximate location: In Solace among the vallenwood tree tops, but later lowered to ground level during the War of the Lance.

Key figures: Otik, Tika, Caramon, Tanis, Raistlin, Sturm, Flint, Tas

What happened there: This is where the Companions met after five years, met Goldmoon and Riverwind, and began their journey with Tanis’ famous, “‘We’ll have to go out through the kitchen.'” (Dragons of the Autumn Twilight, 41) After the War of the Lance, Caramon and Tika take over running it for Otic, and, after a brief interruption where Caramon becomes a drunk and has to go back in time to stop being dependent on others, they raise a family there. One of the rooms in the inn is named “Raistlin’s Room” and fellow mages leave gifts there for the departed Raistlin.

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