The High Clerist’s Tower

The High Clerist’s Tower

Approximate location: In Solamnia, at the only pass through the Vingaard Mountains, protecting Palanthas (which is between the pass and the coast and protected by the mountains).

Key figures: Knights of Solamnia, built by Vinas Solamnus

Description: There is a tomb below it, where Sturm and the other knights of the crown who die defending it are buried. It is called the “Chamber of Paladine”.

What happened there: It was a key place in many battles, and legend says that the High Clerist Tower will not fall as long as it is held by men of faith. The interesting thing is that this “stuff won’t break if held by the right kind of person” seems a common trend in Solamnia. Sturm has a sword and he says, “‘According to the legend, this sword will break only if I do'” (33) It held one of the dragon orbs, and during the War of the Lance, Sturm died defending it. The armies of the Dark Queen did not succeed in taking it during the War of the Lance. (I’ll have to check my reference because I’m almost certain it fell during the Chaos War). Laurana, Sturm, Flint, Tas, and a bunch of Knights of the Crown defended the tower against the armies of Takhisis, which Laurana scattered using the dragon orb inside.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009