Darken Wood

Darken Wood

Darken Wood is actually a very nice, lively wood, filled with many animals, in fact, the only problem with it is that it’s filled with spectral minions. There is magic laid up the wood, those who come in with good in their hearts have only good things happen, those who come in with evil in their hearts receive evil. Tanis’ elven sight disappears in Darken Wood, and the wood there will not catch fire.

Approximate location: Darken Wood is in the region of Abanasinia; it is south west of Solace and Crystalmir Lake, north of River White Rage and Qualinesti, east of Haven, west of Gateway and the plains.

Key figures: The spectral minions who guard the forest, the centaurs, the Forestmaster (a unicorn), the Companions

What happened there: The Companions were the first to pass through Darken Wood since the Cataclysm. The Forestmaster tells the Companions to go to Xak Tsaroth.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009