Dargaard Keep

Dargaard Keep

Approximate location: Dargaard Keep is at the northern end of the Dargaard Mountains.

Key figures: Lord Soth, Kitiara

Description: Pre-Cataclysm: Rose colored and rose shaped, Post-Cataclysm: Fire blackened, crumbling, black latticework, and broken towers

What happened there: Lord Soth was given the power to stop the Cataclysm, but he was worried that his beautiful wife was cheating on him, so he turned back to check instead. She wasn’t and he ended up dying and was forced to haunt his keep ever since. Kitiara went there and Soth had this thing for her, so he was always following her around while she met and slept with her generals in the keep.

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Last modified on October 19, 2009