The Abyss

The Abyss

Approximate location: There is no exact location, it’s a separate dimension from Krynn. Tas does enter it during Legends, remember? He meets the gnome who fixes the transporter thing and they get out. He enters through the temple of Istar during the cataclysm. Because Istar sank downwards and was covered by the Blood Sea, and Tas was able to get to the Abyss through the Temple of Istar, it’s possible that the abyss is in the center of Ansalon, just as earth’s theoretical hell is supposed to be, and that Istar is a gateway.

Key figures: Takhisis (it’s her hang out since she never seems to be able to get to Krynn)

Description: A pinkish glow hangs over the land as though the sun has set somewhere in the distance. It is barren, yet anything desired will appear upon request.

What happened there: It’s Krynn’s version of hell, but remember that on Krynn, the idea is to search for a balance, good is not better than evil, Takhisis isn’t around to punish evil people, the only people who get punished in the abyss are evil people who turn on the Dark Queen. The abyss is a strange place, it’s desolate and empty, but any desired item can appear when asked for (the gnome gave Tas a chair to sit on remember)? The Dark Queen can also create things in the abyss, such as the traps that she sends Raistlin and Crysania through (although those traps seemed to be more in her than in the abyss), and the pole Raistlin is tied to so she can rip him open every day.

The abyss seems open in general, but modified depending on the person, it was modified for Raistlin, and for the gnome (who could not conjure his time traveling device).

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Last modified on October 19, 2009