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Tanis not lead?

The original plan was to have Goldmoon and Riverwind lead the companions.

Laurana…hmm, that name sounds familiar…

Laurana is named after Tracy Hickman’s wife, Laura.

So what the hell did happen to Gilthanis and Silvara?

Well, knowing Dragonlance, we’ll get a book to tell us soon enough, and if we don’t get one soon, I’ll write one myself! Gilthanis and Silvara do come back in the Dragons of a New Age Trilogy book, The Day of the Tempest. We get a sense that he left her because of the difference in their race from a quote from the book they reappear in. So what happens now? Gilthanis and Silvara are cooler than they seem at first, and I want to know!

“‘I still love you,’ Gilthanis replied, his voice cracking, ‘more than life. Please, Silvara…you have to feel something for me. I’ve learned love transcends everything-race, flesh. Although you now look human, I still knew it was you. We are connected.'”(226)

((Gilthanis to Silvara after he met her again in the tomb of Huma and she told him she’s not sure if she loves him any more))

So, are the original authors, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman still in on things?

Yup! According to an announcement made July fifteenth, 1997, they’re still managing the overall story line for Dragonlance. To find out more check it out at http://www.wizards.com/Corporate_Info/News_Releases/Other/WH_TSR.html

Just what is the deal with Wizards of the Coast owning Dragonlance?

On June third, 1997, Wizards of the Coast fully acquired TSR (Makers of Dragonlance). They’d been planning the whole thing since April and that finalized it, so Dragonlance is owned by TSR which is owned by Wizards of the Coast. God knows how much money they paid, since the details aren’t disclosed, but with the unending supply of Dragonlance books, it must’ve been a lot. Find out more at http://www.wizards.com/Corporate_Info/News/WotC/WizardsTSR2.html.

Any fans of Paladine out there? Paladin means “the protector”.

There should be a Dragonlance movie!

There is… You must see this! It’s a Dragonlance Parody, that was taped (but you only get to see pictures and read the story with them to avoid copyright infringement) and created by Tracy Hickman! (It’s on Tracy’s page) You will DIE laughing! Check it out at http://www.trhickman.com/Zillance/Zilla2.html

Margaret Weis told her children that if any of her books made it big she would take them to Disney World, so that she could have peace writing. They did go (but her kids weren’t little anymore, David was sixteen, and Lizz was thirteen).

Before Chronicles were written Krynn already had a three thousand year history. The authors plotted it because J.R.R. Tolkein’s worlds have a sense of history that they wanted Krynn to have. There’s also a ton of really good foreshadowing in Chronicles that you miss the first time, but understand upon re-reading.

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