Who’s Your Favorite?

Well, I could have asked you to vote, but come on, how many responses would I have gotten? ;} I’m actually only half kidding, most people who read my page do not e-mail me or ever write in the guest book! Please do! I’m making this page for you, my fellow Dragonlance readers. At any rate, geocities has started giving me statistics, I don’t know how long they’ve been taking them, but based on how many people have visited certain pages, I’ve decided what your favorites are.

Most popular as of January 10, 2003


Margaret Weis 185

Tracy Hickman 69


Raistlin 1437

Tas 869

Tanis 691

Laurana 602

Sturm 540

Caramon 503

Kitiara 475

Goldmoon 474

Crysania 471

Tika 461

Alhana 440

Flint 391

Riverwind 389

Silvara 373

Huma 333

Dalamar 308

And my patron, Astinus 142

So do you guys prefer good or evil? Neither

Paladine 438

Takhisis 438


Raistlin’s attempt at Godhood: 262

War of the Lance 240


Staff of Magius 330

Dragon orb 158

Rabbit Slayer 151

Dragonlance 151

Hoopak 142

Discs of Mishakal 138

Starjewel 118


Abyss 201


Dragons of Autumn Twilight 627

The Soulforge 318

Dragons of Winter Night

Dragons of Summer Flame 285

Dragons of Spring Dawning 230


Elves 455

Draconians 367

Dragons 309

Kender 258

These are the stats for January 2001, the numbers in parenthesis are the number of visitors.


(Characters who received less than twenty visits are not listed)

*Raistlin* (79)

Laurana (36)

Tasslehoff (33)

Tanis (27)

Sturm and Kitiara (25 each, but you guys obviously thought they should be together! ;} )

Silvara (24)

Goldmoon (22)

Caramon and Tika (21 each, also together, they would’ve liked it)

Alhana and Palin (20 each)

I was surprised that Crysania (19), Riverwind (18), and Flint (13) did not make it.


(Taken from quotes page, books recieving less than twenty are not listed)

*Chronicles* (42)

Legends (29)

Darkness and Light (27)


*Elves* (31), were the only race to get more than twenty views. Of the elves Kagonesti (16) are the favorite, followed by Silvanesti (13), Dargonesti (10), and Qualinesti.

Humans only got four views, which isn’t good because I’m going to be modifying them soon to add plainsmen, knights of Solamnia, etc. subsections.

I’m not exactly sure why, but bakali came in second with 19 views.


*Abyss* (10)

Blood Sea (9)

Nevermind (8)

I was surprised that some of the places got so few views, the Inn of the Last Home (which has a beautiful picture) and Kendermore only got two, Solamnia got one, and Solace, home of the Companions, didn’t get any!


*War of the Lance* (7)

Raistlin’s attempt at godhood (6)


*”Kender Marching Song”* (18)

“Song of Huma” (13)

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