What all the sub series are about

What all of the sub series are about

All of the sub series are about different things, so, to give you a better idea of what to read, I’ve given a brief summery of each of the sub series’.


This is the basic starting series, although it begins in the middle of Krynn’s history. It details the war of the lance, and in it you meet the companions, the characters that are most central to Krynn’s history.


This is the second series that tells us how Raistlin plots to become a god, it should be read following Chronicles


This is a wonderful collection of short stories that can be read in any order, although a number of stories from Tales I are continued in Tales II.


This is actually only about three heroes, Huma with Sidekick Kaz and two others. The Heroes II Trilogy is the continuation of the first Trilogy.


This is about what happened to the companions during the five years before the War of the Lance.


This is about how the companions met and what they were like as children/teenagers.

Elven Nations

Read these three in order; they tell why the Qualinesti and Silvanesti aren’t best pals.

Dwarven Nations

Also read these in order; they tell why the dwarves aren’t buds.

Lost Histories

These give the early histories about a number of Krynn’s races. I suggest reading whichever races interest you first.

The Warriors

Tells the story of a bunch of famous warriors, including Soth, two War of the Lance heroes, and a warrior from each of the knighthoods.


Mostly War of the Lance bad guys

Defenders of Magic

Read these in order, they tell about an attack on sorcery and how it was stopped.

Dragons of a New Age

Also called the Fifth Age; this trilogy tells how a new set of companions defends Krynn against the Dragon Overlords. It’s a core trilogy, but often receives criticism. Unless it takes you years to read a book, read this trilogy because it is a core. Read them in order, although the first book is not as good as the second, except for the fifty pages containing Raph.

The Chaos War Series

This tells what people were doing during the Chaos War in order to save the world and stuff.

Bridges of Time Series

This tells what happened in the thirty years between the Chaos War and the Fifth Age Trilogy.

Lost Legends

Well! Since Dragonlance does not cover every single person in the rest of their series’ this talks about biggies that they missed, ones like Vinus Solamnus that you’ve heard of in other books.

The I’m going to go insane if they don’t stop coming up with all these series.

Someone help me.

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