Staff of Magius

The Staff of Magius feels smooth in the owner’s hand. It has many powers, the most basic of which is lighting with the word “Shirak”, and darkening it with the word “Dulak”.

Name: Staff of Magius

Owner: Magius, Raistlin, and finally Palin

Description: A plain wooden staff, topped with a golden claw, resembling the talon of a dragon, clutching a crystal ball.

History: The staff of Magius was, of coarse, Magius’ staff, and was with him during the Great Dragon War, when he defeated the evil guy. After the Great Dragon War, it sat around in the Tower of High Sorcery, Wayrath until Raistlin took his Test. It was given to Raistlin after his Test, and it stayed with Raistlin all the way to the Abyss. When Palin takes Raistlin out of the Abyss, Raistlin gives the staff to Palin. Palin keeps the staff, but it loses its powers in the Fifth Age, when the old magic is gone.

Last modified on October 29, 2009