Lost Star

Treasure of the elves

Name: Lost Star

Owners: The Qualinesti elves

Description: A huge, two handed, steel broadsword, no ornamentation except a lustrous star sapphire set in the pommel, “as big as a man’s clenched fist” (Dragons of a Lost Star, 382), very well balanced

History: In Dragons of a Lost Star, Laurana tells us:

“‘It was made for the elven paladin, Kalith Rian, who led the elves in the battle against Takhisis in the First Dragon War.’

‘Legend has it that when the smith brought the sword to Kalith Rian, he told the elf lord this tale. While he was forging the sword, the smith saw a star flash across the heavens. The next morning, when he came to finish his work, he found this star sapphire lying amid the embers of his forge fire. He took it as a sign from the gods and placed the jewel in the sword’s pommel. Rian named the sword Lost Star. He slew the great dragon Fire-fang with this sword, his final battle, for he himself was slain in the fight. The sword is said to be magical.'” (382)

“‘It is said that those who look into the Lost Star when it is shining can not look away, nor can they do anything else but stare at the jewel.'” (383)

The sword is used to distract the great green dragon, Beryl, so that she can be killed with a Dragonlance. The plan works, even though Medan is killed, and it is Laurana who has to wield the sword, and Beryl dies. Qualinost is also destroyed, and Laurana dies.

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