Graygem of Gargath

Name: The Graygem of Gargath

Owner: It passes through many hands, but no one can own the Graygem

Description: A plain looking stone

History: The Graygem was created by Reorx. It is said to hold “the essence of Lunitari”, and also said to hold neutral magic. Reorx constantly chases after it, and the gnomes make many attempts at retrieving it.

The Graygem has passed over Sancrist, bringing chaos in its wake, and it sat over the island, being rained on, creating pools of mysterious oil deep in the mountain.

Eventually the Irda got hold of it, and decided to break it open, which was not the best of ideas, because their entire race was killed off, and Chaos broke free and tried to destroy everything. When Tas caught a drop of Chaos’s blood in the Graygem, Chaos was caught, but all the gods left Krynn.

Last modified on October 29, 2009