Dragon Orb

Name: Dragon Orb

Owner: Few people can claim to control a dragon orb, but Raistlin uses one, as does Laurana

Description: Great shimmering glass balls, two feet in diameter (although they shrink when controlled by the right magic), and they are filled with swirling smoke.

History: They were created during the second Dragon Wars by the most powerful mages, the good magic of the white robes was bound to the evil magic of the black robes by the red robes at a time when all mages were being persecuted. They have a “mind of there own”; they are intelligent and controlling.

There was originally one orb in every Tower of High Sorcery, but later, as the Towers were destroyed, the orbs were scattered. The orb from the Tower of Istar was carried to Silvanesti by Lorac. This orb took control of Lorac when he tried to use it and brought the green dragon, Cyan, who whispered things in Lorac’s ear, causing him to destroy Silvanesti in his nightmares. It was carried away by Raistlin when the Companions traveled to Silvanesti. There was one orb held by a wizard in Icewall; Laurana and co. captured it, took it through the elven kingdoms staying in Southern Ergoth to the knights. The elves and the knights were about to fight over it when Tas smashed it. Gnosh, a gnome whose Life Quest was studying the orb, studied all of the broken pieces. A third orb was discovered in the High Clerist’s Tower.

Last modified on October 25, 2009