Disks of Mishakal

The disks are extremely light, and can not be destroyed.

Name: Disks of Mishakal

Owner: Goldmoon gets them during the War of the Lance visit to Xak Tsorath, and later she gives them to Elistan.

Description: The disks are hundreds of thin sheets of platinum, which are bound together by a ring at the top. They have writing on them that most people can not decipher.

History: Goldmoon is told to get the disks by Mishakal while she is in the temple at Xak Tsorath. Sturm retrieves the disks for her from the dragon’s lair after she kills the dragon with the Blue Crystal Staff. She carries the disks with her and later gives them to Elistan, when he becomes a cleric of Mishakal.

Last modified on October 25, 2009