Blue Crystal Staff

The Blue Crystal Staff has healing powers given to it by the goddess Mishakal. It can only heal those pure of heart.

Name: The Blue Crystal Staff, Staff of Mishakal

Owner: The staff was originally attached to a statue of Mishakal, and later carried by Goldmoon at the beginning of the War of the Lance, who trimmed it with feathers.

Description: A plain wooden staff, that turns to blue crystal and glows with a bright blue light when healing.

History: The staff was originally part of a statue of the goddess Mishakal, and later was detached when Riverwind journeyed to Xak Tsoaroth. He brought it to the chieftain as proof of the true gods, which he needed to marry Goldmoon, but the chieftain said it was false. Riverwind was to be stoned, but Goldmoon joined him and the staff protected them. Goldmoon carried the staff, and it is what got her into trouble and got the Companions going in the War of the Lance. When the Companions went to Xak Tsaroth, Goldmoon used the staff to kill the dragon Khisanth. The staff’s light engulfed her, and she went to see Mishakal, and came back as the first true good cleric after the Cataclysm. The staff was returned to the statue by Mishakal after Goldmoon became a cleric.

Last modified on October 25, 2009