Care Bears

MOC Care Bears Cozy Heart Penguin Mini

Mint On Card Care Bears Cozy Heart Penguin mini figure. The Card has a bend in the corner and the plastic has yellowed. $10 plus shipping.

Here’s the back of the card- it has a list with pictures of all the Care Bears mini figures!

Care Bears Cloud Car

Front view of car- front detailing is worn. $15 plus shipping.

Side of car- stickers look great!

Back of car- not sure what the red mark is- I think some sort of picture that’s worn. The stickers are in great shape.

Other side of car- again the stickers are excellent.

Bedtime Bear and Funshine Bear

Bedtime Bear has blue marks on his tummy, Funshine has nose rubs and a couple of tiny spots. $2 each.

Here are the backs of the bears. Funshine bear’s tail has been scratched or chipped (visible with close inspection).

Friendship Bear and Grumpy Bear

Vintage figures- both have nose rubs (Grumpy has a lot of rubs). Friendship could use a bath. $2 plus shipping each.

Here’s the back.

Baby Hugs and Tugs

Pink has nose rubs and blue has marks on back. $2 each plus shipping.

From the back.

Grandma Bear and Birthday Bear

Birthday Bear has nose rubs and a little bit of picture rub, Grandma Bear has nose rubs and maybe some VDS (I’m guessing that’s what’s causing the spots). $2 each plus shipping.

Here they are from the back.

Tenderheart and Cloudsweeper

$2 for Tenderheart, $3 for Cloudsweeper Some paint rubs on both.

Here’s the back.

Care Bears Coloring Book

Free with purchase- many pages colored.

Last modified on July 30, 2010