Barbie Yuletide Romance

Here is the outside of the box- you can see the dent in the lid.

Yuletide Romance Barbie was displayed, but never played with. I think she originally retailed for $50, but I want more space, and I took her out of the box, so I’m willing to sell her for $20 plus shipping. Comment if you are interested.

Winter Fantasy Barbie

Here’s a Winter Fantasy Barbie for sale for $10 because the box isn’t mint and the doll was removed for display only. Originally this doll retailed for $20, but I’m selling her for ten because she has been removed from the box (sorry, I think keeping dolls in a box is dumb)and needs some fussing with.

Close-up. You can see that she’s been removed from the box, because I didn’t attach all the little wires (they’re all in the box). Her hair needs a tiny bit of fussing with, but the curls are still all in.

Emerald Elegance Barbie

This is Emerald Elegance Barbie. She originally retailed for $20, but I’m selling her for $10 because I removed her from the box for disply, and the box has some wear from storage.

Here’s a closeup of Emerald Elegance Barbie. She’s got a few flyaways, but she’s in nice shape. You can see I didn’t reattach all of the little wires in her box, but they’re all included.

Barbie Princess and the Pea

Removed from the box for display only. $20 plus shipping. I just saw a nude minus hair roses go for $10 on Ebay, so I’d say that’s fair despite removal and box denting.

Close up- hair needs a bit of fussing with- otherwise she’s excellent.

Barbie 2009 Catalog

$1 plus shipping. This is the 2009 spring preview catalog

Barbie Happy Meal Toy Purse

This is a purse from the Barbie Happy Meal at McDonalds. Inside is a notepad and it comes with stickers. It has a magnetic closure. Very fashionable! $1.00 plus shipping.

This shoes a bit more of the notepad (which had many different page designs and shoes one of the two sheets of stickers- which include pictures of shoes, purses, hearts, etc.

Last modified on July 30, 2010