Raistlin’s attempt to become a god

Time of event: Raistlin goes back in time- first to just before the Cataclysm, then to about a hundred years afterward, and the time is actually sort of the year 356

Important characters or races involved: Raistlin, Crysania, Caramon, Tas, Dalamar, Fistandantilus, Kitiara, Tanis

Story: Raistlin has been planning godhood for some time, but the path he chooses is one that has already happened: it is Fistandantilus’s.

Book One, Time of the Twins:

Crysania meets with Raistlin, convinced that she will turn him from the ways of evil, and ends up being pulled into his plan. She’s totally turned on by him, and agrees to meet him in his tower, still convinced that she’ll change his evil ways. He shows her that the world is full of pain and suffering and tells her that he’s going to fix things by ditching the Dark Queen. Crysania decides to go back in time to help, using Caramon as a guide. Caramon, meanwhile, has become a slobbering drunk, as Tanis and Riverwind find out when Tanis escorts Crysania and Riverwind meets her. Tanis and Riverwind don’t have time to take Crysania, and Caramon’s well, drunk, so Crysania runs off on her own. Tas has been on a mission to find Bupu, and he gets to Solace to find Tika battering Caramon with his non-fitting armor and yelling at him to chase after Crysania. She throws Caramon out of the house, who sets off with Tas and Bupu, and doesn’t really try to find Crysania. Tas yells at him for being selfish, and he finally does go after her. They meet up with her just in time to watch her nearly be killed by the Death Knight (Paladine takes her soul to save her), Lord Soth, sent by Kitiara because Raistlin told her his plans and she thinks they’re insane so she wants to stop them. At the Tower Dalamar (who has just had a bloody handprint imbedded into his chest by his Shalafi, Raistlin, tells the conclave his plans. The conclave decides to send Crysania back (to get her soul back) and Caramon back (to stop him from being a worthless drunk), as Dalamar told them, is just what Raistlin wants), and ends up sending Tas back, who snuck over there as a mouse (which he became after putting on a ring on that he “found” while wandering the tower). Tas and Caramon are taken as slaves when they get to Istar, and taken to the arena to be gladiators. Crysania is healed and living in the temple in Istar, and Raistlin has taken Fistandantilus’s body with the blood stone. Caramon gets muscles and gives up dwarf spirits, and Raistlin transports him and Crysania during the Cataclysm. Tas is left behind when the magical device breaks down.

Book Two, War of the Twins:

Tas leaves the temple and finds himself in the Abyss, which he escapes from with Gnimsh, the gnome whose inventions actually work. Caramon, Crysania, and Raistlin go ahead about a hundred years and end up in Raistlin’s tower, where the portal isn’t yet, so they head off to Zhamon. Caramon gathers an army, and Raistlin and Crysania almost hook up. Tas reappears from the Abyss and is captured by the mountain dwarves. They’re locked up in prison, but Raistlin comes to kill Gnimsh and ask Tas questions. Caramon’s war isn’t going very well when the plainsmen and many men desert (although they made it through Pax Tharkas, because Raistlin helped the Dewer betray the Mountain dwarves). Tas is brought back to Zhamon with Raistlin, Crysania cures his plague and he and Caramon head off while Crysania and Raistlin head for the Abyss.

Book Three, Test of the Twins:

Crysania and Raistlin make it into the Abyss where Raistlin is attacked by all the terrors of his mind and Crysania defends him until she’s destroyed, then Raistlin deserts her and battles the Dark Queen’s minions. Tas and Caramon, meanwhile, got sent ahead in time by accident, where they find out that Raistlin succeeds, and his magical battle with the Queen of Darkness destroys Krynn. Tas and Caramon go back in time to convince Raistlin not to win, because they know that Raistlin will never be able to create and will only slowly burn himself out and be miserable. Kitiara attacks Palanthas and tries to kill Dalamar, who’s trying to kill Raistlin when he gets out of the Abyss. Tas would have been killed by Lord Soth, but Tas saves him. The two drag Caramon out of Shoiken grove, which he was trying to pass through to stop Kitiara. Seeing that that didn’t work, Tanis and Caramon teleport themselves to the flying citadel Kitiara brought for the attack. Tas saves a dragon, and the dragon brings him up to the citadel, which he flies with the help of a gnome to the tower. Tanis and Caramon jump out and go to help Dalamar. Kitiara dies and is taken away by Lord Soth. Caramon enters the portal and convinces Raistlin of his mistake. Raistlin saves Caramon and Crysania from the Dark Queen and Caramon closes the portal. Tas follows Tanis and Caramon home and Caramon goes back to Tika as a non-drunk. Caramon has big muscles, Tika is turned on, they soon have four children. The end.

Short version:

Raistlin trains long and hard, goes back in time, and gets Fistandantilus with the bloodstone. The conclave sends Caramon after him, and Tas goes too. Caramon’s put in the arena of the King Priest’s Istar, and he gets back in shape, and stops being a drunken sod. Tas is there with him, but he doesn’t fight. After the fall of Istar Raistlin takes Crysania, who was training with the priests in the temple, and Caramon to gather an army, occasionally contacting Dalamar for information on Fistandantilus, to find out what he did wrong. Tas ends up in the Abyss after the Cataclysm and a gnome helps him out. Raistlin kills the gnome, who had been the downfall of Fistandantilus. He instigates his army of hill dwarves and former knights to fight the mountain dwarves in the Dwarfgate Wars, and he sends Caramon and Tas off with the time traveling device. They nearly do the same damage as the gnome, but Raistlin and Crysania, who enter the portal together at the same time, completing the necessary combo of black robed mage and white robed priest. In the Abyss, Raistlin is constantly attacked, but Crysania keeps saving him from the Dark Queen’s minions. When she is worn and dying he leaves her. Tas and Caramon travel too far into the future and find out what Raistlin has done, then go back to stop him, and save themselves and their world. He realizes what will happen and gives in to the Dark Queen, who keeps him in the Abyss and rips his stomach open every day. Crysania, Tas, and Caramon are freed, but Crysania emerges blind to finally see the truth so she can lead the people.

Outcome: He gives up godhood when he realizes what will become of Krynn -that everything he loves will be destroyed- and he will be unable to create new life to fix it.

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