The Dwarfgate War

Dwarf against dwarf

Time of event: In the year following the Cataclysm

Important characters or races involved: Hill Dwarves and Mountain Dwarves, Kharas

Story: Shortly after the Cataclysm almost everyone was starving. The hill dwarves, convinced that the mountain dwarves had more to eat than they, demanded food from the mountain dwarves, their estranged cousins. The mountain dwarves themselves had no food to spare, so the hill dwarves wage war. The war is more about the prejudices of the past than the food shortage at hand. The only one to survive the battle is the hero, Kharas. He drops his hammer in disgust seeing brother battle brother, takes the bodies of the dead mountain dwarf princes, and leaves right before everyone is killed.

Outcome: Both armies are obliterated during their bloody battle when Raistlin and Crysania head for the Abyss and the plain they fight on is blasted.

Last modified on October 25, 2009