Princess Vixa

Vixa, princess of Qualinesti

An interesting princess- warrior and scholar, but not fond of finery or courtly manners.

Name: Lady Vixa Ambrodel

Race: Qualinesti, 1/4 human

Books: The Dargonesti

Quotes: Vixa’s quote page

Family: father, Lord Kemian Ambrodel; mother, Lady Verhanna Kanan, a warrior; older sisters; uncle, Speaker of the Sun Silveran; (future husband Naxos?)

Love(s): Naxos

Friends: Armantaro, Hermanutis, Vanthanoris, Naxos, Gundabyr, Garnath, Samcadaris, Speaker Elendar

Description: She is unusually tall, at about six feet; has short blond hair; honey-brown eyes; and a strong, warrior’s body.

History: Vixa is the daughter of the speaker of the sun in Qualinost. She spent six years serving in the Qualinesti army and moving up in the ranks. At sixty-five, she is off on her first independent mission when her ship is surrounded by a mysterious fog, it moves deep out to sea, and is sunk by the Kraken. Vixa and three other crew members are saved by the Dargonesti and taken prisoner. Vixa hides her identity of princess of the Qualinesti, but her secret is disclosed by Uriona when she reads Vixa’s mind. Vixa refuses to give out any information about the Silvanesti or Qualinesti, and is sent to the quarries with the other prisoners as punishment. When the chilkit tunnel into the Slaves’ Grotto, they fight them, and Garnath dies defending her. The cave soon begins to flood, however, and she risks the open sea rather than dying in the cave. She nearly drowns, but is saved by Naxos who uses an air shell to bring her to the surface. The supply of air in the shell is exhausted when they reach the surface, and land is too far away to reach so, in order to save Vixa’s life, Naxos turns her into a Sister of the Sea. She returns to the Urione, and helps the Dargonesti win the war against the chilkit. She saves Naxos, and the Brothers of the Sea help her and Gundabyr escape. They reach the edge of Silvanesti lands and are taken in by Samcadaris and the soldiers of the fort, who they warn of the Dargonesti. Their story is not believed, and when the Dargonesti attack the fort is taken almost completely by surprise. They escape and warn and prepare Silvanost for the coming attack. When the Dargonesti do attack Silvanost she helps defend it. When they have won the war she is given a griffin to take to her homelands, where she is honored. She begins to command an outpost, but finds the call of the sea too strong to resist, so she travels to the ocean where she finds the Brothers of the Sea awaiting her and asks to be brought to Naxos

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