Willing to do anything for his love…

Valin as a tiger, and Crysania

(Picture by from the cover of Tears of the Night Sky)

Name: Valin

Race: human, desert white robed mage

Books: Tears of the Night Sky


She said, “I’m cold, Valin. Will you share your blanket?”

He smiled. She felt it against her mouth as he kissed her, his lips curving against hers. “I know another way to get warm,” he said.

She touched him, running her hand along his arm until she caught his big hand in hers. He shivered, not from cold.

“Show me,” She said, as the rain poured down and the wind prowled lonely outside the little cave.

Gently he took her in his arms. (Tears of the Night Sky, 309)

Family: brother, ; mother and father

Love(s): Crysania

Friends: Some of the clerics and Crysania

History: Valin is Crysania’s great experiment, her grand plan to create good relations between clerics and mages. He begins to fall in love with her and goes with her on a grand quest during the Chaos War to recover the dragon stones in the form of a white tiger. Crysania succeeds in her quest, and as the gods leave Krynn, Paladine tells her this is her chance to live a real life, which she does with Valin, beginning with the love that she and Raistlin never got to make.

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