Uriona is the (mad) queen of the Dargonesti. She claims to be immortal and plans to take over the Silvanesti and eventually rule all Krynn.

Name: Uriona

Race: Dargonesti queen

Books: The Dargonesti

Quotes: None

Family: Father, Speaker of the moon, Kedurach Takalurion; three elder sisters; husband, Elandar

Love(s): herself

Friends: no real friends, just allies in her quest for power

History: She has her commander, Coryphene, kill of and completely obliterate the , and then has him fight a war for her over Silvanesti. They fail, but she does indeed become queen of the Silvanesti, the speaker of the stars is entranced by her beauty and falls in love with her. They get married, and she begins trying to run the kingdom immediately.

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