Highbulp, Phudge I

The great Highbulp, Phudge I

“a gully dwarf among gully dwarves” (Dragons of Autumn Twilight, p. 226)

Name: Highbulp Phudge I

Race: Gully dwarf

Books: Dragons of Autumn Twilight


“This, of coarse, didn’t fit in with Phudge’s plans. He therefore assumed he hadn’t heard correctly.” (229)

Family: The Bulp clan

Love(s): Fine clothes


Description: almost intelligent and very cowardly

History: The Bulp clan ruled Xak Tsaroth since Nulph Bulp accidently fell into it. Phudge led the gully dwarves in cringing, cowering, and begging for their lives so that the draconians mercifully enslaved them rather than kill them all. Highbulp Phudge discovered the dragon’s lair, and the companions go to him to lead them to the lair while the dragon is away so they can retrieve the Discs of Mishakal. Instead he tricks them, and warns the dragon. It is unknown whether he survives the flooding of Xak Tsaroth by Newsea.

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