Naxos, head of the Brothers of the Sea

Leader of good.

Name: Naxos

Race: Dargonesti, a Brother of the Sea

Books: The Dargonesti

Quotes: None

Family: honorary family, the sea brothers, (future wife, Vixa?)

Love(s): Vixa

Friends: the Brothers of the Sea

Description: In dolphin form powerful and gray, in Dargonesti form lean and hard muscled with short greenish-blue hair, and a prominent nose.

History: Naxos is the head of the Brothers of the Sea (those Dargonesti able to take on the form of a dolphin), and he is one of the first Dargonesti to meet princess Vixa. He is of much importance to Coryphene, but opposes him and the mad queen Uriona. When Vixa is nearly killed when the chilkit burrow into the cave, Naxos saves her by giving her an air shell and bringing her to the surface. With no way to return her or bring her to dry land, he turns her into a Sister of the Sea. After defeating the chilkit, Naxos openly opposes Coryphene, and is nearly killed. He is saved by Vixa and the Brothers of the Sea, and is able to recover from a wound Coryphene gave him that was nearly deadly. He loves Vixa, and her first order upon returning to the sea is to be brought to him.

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