Khisanth: Death on Black Wings


The fabled “death on black wings.”

Name: Khisanth, also called Onyx

Race: Black dragon

Books: Dragons of Autumn Twilight


Family: None known

Love(s): None known

Friends: Not exactly friends, but she is allied with Lord Verminaard and the draconians

Description: Sleek and black, with red-black eyes (like molten rock), white claws on her wingtips, and a long, red tongue

History: Khisanth is in Xak Tsaroth with the task of guarding the Blue Crystal Staff from people. She attempts to kill the companions when they are outside the city and fails. When they attempt to get the Disks of Mishakal from her lair, she nearly kills them, but is killed herself by Goldmoon, who burns her up with the Blue Crystal Staff.

Last modified on October 21, 2009