Hederick the High Theocrat

Hederick the High Theocrat

Name: Hederick the High Theocrat

Race: Human

Books: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Quotes: None

Family: None known

Love(s): None

Friends: None

Description: Hederick wears rich brown and golden seeker robes.

History: Hederick was the High Theocrat in Solace. He was rather mean and nasty and pushed every one around while getting drunk every night. He was both attempting to convert people to the “New Gods” (the fake gods propagated post-Cataclysm), and involved in serving the Dark Queen during the War of the Lance. Lord Verminaard promised Hederick that Solace would be spared by the dragon armies, but it was not. Hederick is, in fact, among the first to be sent from Solace to the slave mines.

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