Which twin is he? The more skilled one.

Name: Gundabyr

Race: dwarf

Books: The Dargonesti

Quotes: None

Family: twin brother, Garnath

Love(s): none

Friends: Vixa, the other slaves of the Dargonesti

Description: Just over four feet tall, he looks exactly like his brother

History: One of a pair of twin dwarves, Gundabyr and his brother were captured and imprisoned by the Dargonesti. They switch places each work day because it is believed by the Dargonesti that one of them is dead. On his days off, he wanders about the Slaves’ Grotto, making tools and finding minerals. During one of these wanderings, he discovers the last ingredient necessary to make gnomefire, which he makes in order to warm the cave and fry fish. During a battle with the chilkit his twin brother, Garnath, is killed, but he survives. When the chilkit launch their grand attack against the Dargonesti he helps save them by designing a lance with gnomefire, a chemical compound that is ignited by water and burns underwater, in jars at its tip. After the war against the chilkit he escapes on the back of Vixa in dolphin form. They reach Silvanesti lands where they are taken prisoner, until their story is proven right. He helps defend Silvanesti against the Dargonesti and is finally returned to Thorbaden on the back of a griffon.

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