Elendar, speaker of the stars

Not your typical ruler…

Name: Elendar

Race: Silvanesti, Speaker of the Stars

Books: The Dargonesti

Quotes: Elendar’s quote page

Family: cousin, Vixa

Love(s): Uriona

Friends: Vixa

History: The forth son of the previous Speaker of the Stars, Elendar was not predicted to rule, and is not a usual ruler. He is not stuck up as the typical Silvanesti stereotype, and spends much of his time reading or studying. Also related to Kith-Kanan, he’s Vixa’s cousin. He believes her story, and successfully defends the capital from invasion by the Dargonesti. He decides to marry Uriona because of the constant urgings by his advisers to marry and her immense beauty. She later takes much of the government’s power from him.

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