Coryphene, commander of armies, lover of mad women

Coryphene is a strong follower of the insane Uriona. He is also dedicated to his people- perhaps a portion of his fervor for defeating the Silvanesti comes out of love for them. When he fears for his countrymen during the war with the Chilkit, he says, “‘I must save my people!'” (131) He is determined to see things through completely- he virtually eradicates the Chilkit race. He has a sense of honor that causes him to disagree with his queen about freeing the prisoners- he made them a promise and he does not plan to go back on it.

Name: Coryphene Wallbuilder, Protector of Urione

Race: Dargonesti

Books: The Dargonesti

Quotes: Coryphene’s quote page

Family: none

Love(s): Uriona

Friends: none

Description: Coryphene has short, green hair in ringlets; violet eyes; a long, straight nose; and high cheekbones.

History: Coryphene commands the army for the mad queen, Uriona, who he is madly in love with. He leads them in the battle against the chilkit and later in the battle against the Silvanesti. He is madly in love with Uriona, but she cares for none but herself, and marries Elandar to gain power. When Vixa tells Coryphene this, he throws himself out the window of the tower where he is kept prisoner after losing the war to conquer Silvanesti.

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