Lord Verminaard

Name: Lord Verminaard

Race: Human

Books: Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Quotes: None

Family: None known

Love(s): None known

Friends: None known

Description: Tall, powerfully built, with night-blue dragonscale armor trimmed in gold. He sometimes wears the black robes of a cleric of Takhisis and a black and gold cape. He rides a red dragon named Ember.

History: At the beginning of the War of the Lance, Lord Verminaard is shaping up to be the biggest bad guy. He’s been the one in charge all around Solace– gathering armies, burning places down, harassing people, etc. He’s got a slave mine going at Pax Tharkas, and Ember, a red dragon to ride. Things are going well for him, until the companions show up at his fortress and stop him from attacking Qualinesti.

Last modified on October 25, 2009