Usha Majere

Name: Usha Majere

Race: human

Books: Dragons of the Summer Flame

Quotes: Usha’s quote page

Family: adopted Irda protector ; husband, Palin; son, Ulin; daughter, Linsha

Love(s): Palin Majere

Friends: The Irda

Description: Usha is extraordinarily beautiful (although she grows up with the Irda and doesn’t realize she’s beautiful because of their beauty).

History: Usha’s parents crash onto the island that is home to the Irda; they die, but Usha lives. The Irda care for her, and one of them becomes her protector. She lives with the Irda on their island and the Irda teach her, until the graygem reaches them. They believe that they should open it, but since it is an Irda thing, they send Usha off to the mainland in a boat with a note for Dalamar. They end up blowing up their island and killing all the Irda. Usha wanders around until she finally meets up with Dalamar, thinks that she’s Raistlin’s daughter, but hears from Raistlin that he doesn’t have one, falls in love with Palin, and marries him after the Chaos War (that is, after Raistlin’s told Palin Usha’s not his cousin). She and Palin have a son together, and she becomes a famous artist, much sought after.

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