Uncle Trapspringer

The famous (with kender) and infamous (with just about everyone else) Uncle Trapspringer!

He is raised to almost mythical proportions in stories, and is a chief hero among kender.

Picture of Uncle Trapspringer

(Picture by from the cover of Tales of Uncle Trapspringer)

Name: Uncle Trapspringer Fargo

Race: kender

Books: Kendermore, Tales of Uncle Trapspringer

Quotes: Uncle Trapspringer’s quote page

Family: sister, Ripple ; nephew, Tas; every kender ever

“‘Uncle Trapspringer was my mother’s aunt’s third cousin on her Father’s side by marriage,’ said Eider Thistledown.

‘Isn’t this amazing!’ cried Tasslehoff. ‘Uncle Trapspringer was my father’s cousin’s uncle’s wife’s second cousin once removed.’

‘Brother!’ cried Eider.


Love(s): Lots

Friends: every kender

Description: Typical kender

History: It is nearly impossibly to give even a general history for Uncle Trapspringer because there are so many stories. Tales of Uncle Trapspringer suggests that he was made up by a kender named Trapspringer who used the character to make up tales.

Last modified on October 25, 2009