Tika Waylan Majere

Tika of the frying pan

Bold and brave, Tika is a girl not raised to be a hero, but who becomes one out of necessity.

Picture of Tika

(Picture by from The Art of Dragonlance)

Name: Tika Waylan Majere

Race: human

Books: Chronicles, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Legends, The Next Generation, The Fifth Age Trilogy

Quotes: Tika’s quote page

Family: adopted father, Otic; husband, Caramon; sons Palin, Tanin, and Sturm; daughters, Laura and Dezra

Love(s): Caramon Majere

Description: Curly red hair, green eyes, lightly freckled nose and cheeks, and very pretty (at the beginning of Chronicles, Caramon described her five years before that as “so ugly my ((Tika)) father would have to pay someone to marry me ((Tika))” (Dragons of Autumn Twilight,28)

Friends: Otik, the Companions, Dezra (her barmaid after the War of the Lance)

History: Tika lived in Solace since childhood. She is an orphan, taken in by the innkeeper, Otik, to help out in the inn and later become its barmaid. She knows the companions as a child, but is not really one of them until later. When the companions return from their five year journeys, she is 19 years old. She speaks to them, but she does not join them on their quest yet. When they return to the inn later on, they are all taken prisoner, and this is when Tika joins the Companions. Caramon teaches Tika to fight with something other than a frying pan (although she has certainly proven her skill with that). Tika falls in love with Caramon (who, at twenty-five, is six years older than nineteen year old Tika), and he falls in love with her. They get married, and return to the Inn of the Last Home in Solace, after the War of the Lance. Caramon rebuilds the Inn, then rebuilds Solace, then, feeling that he has nothing else to do, becomes a drunk. Tika runs the Inn, and when Caramon returns from his quest, he joins her. The two live well into the Fifth Age.

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