Sturm and Kitiara’s son, he takes on their legacies of both honor and evil

Picture of Steel

(Picture by from the cover of Dragons of the Summer Flame)

Name: Steel Brightblade

Race: human, Knight of Takhisis

Books: The Next Generation, Dragons of the Summer Flame

Quotes: Steel’s quote page

Family: Mother, Kitiara Uth Matar; Father, Sturm Brightblade; Adopted mother; half aunt and uncle, Tika and Caramon; and half cousins, Palin, Tanin, and Sturm

Love(s): none known of

Friends: half cousin, Palin

Description: Steel wears the armor of a Knight of Takhisis

History: Steel is born of Kitiara’s seduction of Sturm, and left by his mother with a foster mother. Steel trains as a Knight of Takhisis starting at a very young age. Sturm does not know about Steel until after his death, when Steel visits Sturm’s tomb and Sturm’s ghost gives Steel the Starjewel that Alhana gave him, and Steel wears it ever afterward. Steel joins Palin in the final fight against Chaos, and Steel is the one who draws blood off Chaos (and is honored as a hero and given a special tomb for doing it).

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