Silvara, Silver Dragon extraordinaire

Silvara with Gilthanis

(Picture by from The Art of Dragonlance)

Name: Silvara (meaning silver-haired), called Silvart by the Silvanesti and Qualinesti elves, later she takes the form of a human Knight of the Rose and goes by the name Lady Arlena Plata

Race: Silver Dragon (appearing in the form of a Kagonesti elf and a human)

Books: Chronicles

Quotes: Silvara’s quote page

Family: A sister, who was in love with Huma

Love(s): Gilthanis

Friends: The Companions

Description: Silvara appears as a silver dragon, a very beautiful Kagonesti elf who is undernourished, but slender and shapely with silver hair, and (later) as a human who, although she attempts to look plain, is still perfectly balanced, and beautiful in that way, like a Libra.

History: Silvara’s really old, in fact, her sister fell in love with Huma (and died with him), but we do not know much about her life until she meets up with the Companions. When she does, she leads them to a cave with Huma’s tomb and the silver for the dragonlances (after Gilthanis has seen her naked and fallen in love with her). Then things get hazy, Gilthanis loves her, but he’s got the whole elven prejudice thing going on, and so they don’t hook up. They do stay together for a while in Kalaman, while Gilthanis is Governor of Kalaman, but Gilthanis is all “You lied to me”, and Silvara leaves and he leaves. Then Gilthanis goes all over Krynn looking for Silvara, because he realizes that he made a stupid male error.

Meanwhile, Silvara has created a new identity for herself during the Chaos War. She becomes Lady Arlena Plata, Knight of the Rose. She serves as head Knight of the Rose at Castle Eastwatch.

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