The love of Goldmoon, and the first to find the Blue Crystal Staff, Riverwind fights his challenges valiantely.

Picture of Riverwind

(Picture by from the cover of Riverwind the Plainsman)

Name: Riverwind of the Qué Shu

Race: human barbarian of the Qué Shu tribe

Books: Chronicles, Riverwind the Plainsman

Quotes:Riverwind’s quote page

Family: father, Wanderer; wife, Goldmoon; daughters

Love(s): Goldmoon of the Qué-Shu

Friends: The companions

Description: Riverwind is extremely tall, and has a dark skin tone.

History: Riverwind is born the son of a poor shepherd, Wanderer, who is separated from the tribe in his belief of the old gods. Riverwind falls in love with Goldmoon, and Goldmoon returns his love, but her father does not want her to marry a poor shepherd. The chieftain sends Riverwind on a quest everyone thinks is impossible- to bring back evidence that the old gods are real. Riverwind goes on a long journey, eventually going through Xak Tsorath, seeing “death on black wings”, and finding the Blue Crystal Staff. He brings the staff back to Goldmoon as proof of the gods. Her father, the chieftain, says that it is false, and orders Riverwind stoned. Goldmoon and Riverwind flee together, and the staff protects them.

Riverwind and Goldmoon meet up with the Companions at the Inn of the Last Home and traverse the whole of Krynn with them. Goldmoon and Riverwind are married before the end of the War of the Lance, and after the war the two travel back to the Qué-shu. They have many children together, and live happily for many years. After the Chaos War, Riverwind becomes ill, and he knows that with the true healers gone, he can not be healed. He goes on a quest so that Goldmoon shall not have to watch helplessly as he dies slowly. Before his death, he saves the kender, helping them flee Kendermore before it is destroyed by Malyx. He also destroys Malyx’s egg, to stop the spreading evil. He dies in Malyx’s lair.

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