Palin Majere

Son of Caramon, he takes after his uncle, Raistlin, and becomes head of the Tower after the Chaos War.

Picture of Palin fighting

(Picture by from the cover of Dragons of the Summer Flame)

Name: Palin Majere

Race: human white robed mage

Books: The Next Generation, Dragons of the Summer Flame

Quotes: Palin’s quote page

Family: father, Caramon Majere; mother, Tika; uncle, Raistlin; half-aunt, Kitiara; wife, Usha; son, Ulin; daughter, Linsha; brothers, Tanin and Sturm; sisters

Love(s): Usha

Friends: His brothers

Description: dark and wavy auburn hair worn long and parted in the middle, tall, well built, and fine-boned, with Raistlin’s slender and delicate hands, strong chin, smooth and high cheekbones

History: Palin was born in the Inn of the Last Home, son of Caramon and Tika Majere. His father did not want him to take the Test, but finally allowed him, and Palin passed the Test (meeting up with his uncle during the Test), and became a white robe. He traveled with his brothers to an outer post, just before the Chaos War, and saw both of his brothers killed, but he survived. During the Chaos War, he brings his Uncle Raistlin back to the Inn of the Last Home. He falls in love with Usha, a girl raised by the Irda. At the end of the Chaos War, he does a spell that even Magius could not do. After the Chaos War, he becomes head of the white robes, although he gets little enjoyment out of it because tradition magic is gone. He spends most of his time searching for magic, and neglecting his wife, Usha (who he married after Raistlin explained that she’s not his daughter just after the Chaos War) and son.

After the Chaos War, Palin lives in Solace with his wife and his son, Ulin. He is one of the heads of the robes at the Tower of High Sorcery, but with the disappearance of the gods and the old magic, he is troubled. When the new magic is discovered, his hope is renewed, but the new magic is unreliable, and over time the magic users are able to control it less and less. This causes Palin to become more and more depressed. He creates a school of magic, called the Academy of Sorcery. Students live at the school to study magic, but the school loses students as the new magic becomes less and less reliable. When draconians attack the school, Ulin blows the school up to stop the draconians from retrieving the artifacts contained within. Palin sees his dream disappear and goes slightly crazy, he does not even notice it when draconians carry him off.

The psychology of Palin: Palin loves his family, and is very close to both his parents and his brothers. This makes the choice to practice magic especially hard for him, because his family distrusts magic. In the end, what Palin has to learn is that the people in his life are more important than anything else- a lesson that both Raistlin and Kitiara, his uncle and half-aunt, both struggled with as well.

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