The Platinum Dragon

When not playing befuddled wizard, he actually does counter Takhisis. Paladine is famous for entering chronicles as Fizban, but he’s normally known as Paladine. He’s worshipped by all the good guys.

Picture of Fizban

Paladine as Fizban.

(Picture by from the cover of War of the Lance)

Name: Paladine, aka Fizban, Draco Paladin (among the knights of Solamnia), E’li (among elves), Thak (among the dwarves), Skyblade (among humans), the Valiant Warrior, and the Platinum Dragon

Race: god of good

Books: Almost all- Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Quotes: Paladine’s quote page

Family: brother, Gilean; sister, Takhisis; son, Solonari

Love(s): He’s a god here, he loves everyone

Friends: The good guys

Description: Paladine often appears as an old man, or an old wizard.

History: Like all the other gods, he was created by Chaos. He helps counter Takhisis in virtually all of the wars, and helps the good guys in all the books, basically he’s a good guy to have around.

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