The Storm over Krynn

The most powerful of the dragon overlords, she’s earned her name.

Name: Malyx

Race: red dragon

Books: The Fifth Age Trilogy, Spirit of the Wind

Quotes: None

Family: None

Love(s): Skie

Friends: Skie, the other dragon overlords, The death knights

Description: Malyx is the biggest dragon, and she’s red.

History: After the Chaos War, Malyx, a large dragon with a big appetite, accidentally eats a black dragon. She then realizes that dragons can gain size and power by eating other dragons. She spreads this information to a select number of other dragons and the great dragon purges begin. Malyx becomes the largest of these dragons, and so gains power over all the others. She leads a council of dragons, who have divided Krynn between themselves, ruling and killing as they please. She had one unsuccessful attempt at an egg, stopped by Riverwind an the kender of Kendermore, and she plans to mate again with Skie.

Last modified on October 25, 2009