A brave fighter, Laurana leads an army, and leads her heart with a strength hidden beneath her slight frame.

Pictue of Laurana

(Picture by from The Art of Dragonlance)

Name: Lauranthalis

Race: Elven princess/warrior

Books: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, Dragons of Spring Dawning, Dragons of Summer Flame, Kindred Spirits, The Second Generation, Dragons of a Fallen Sun, and Dragons of a Lost Star

Quotes: Laurana’s quote page

Family: Her father, Solostaran, the speaker of the sun; her brother, Gilthanis; her brother, Porthos; her husband, Tanis; her son, Gilthas

Love(s): Tanis

Friends: The companions

Description: Honey colored hair past her waist, woodland brown skin, delicate features, full and pouty lips, and large eyes that change color. She’s slender.

History: Laurana began life as a pampered princess, living in Qualinesti with her father and two brothers, in love with the dream of Tanis, but it was not a love based on reality. During the War of the Lance, Laurana finds a true love for Tanis in her heart, and a true sense of character, as she becomes general of the army of good. She leaves her homeland and follows the companions with skill- she has been trained as a warrior, but without forethought. When her group rejoins the elves she learns that she is seen as following Tanis like a slut. She goes on to prove herself later when she helps the knights protect the High Clerist’s Tower, and eventually win the war. After the war she marries Tanis, and they have a son, Gilthas, together. Neither of them feel comfortable living in Qualinesti after feeling the prejudice of the elves turned against them. She and Tanis work together to unite the various nations of Krynn, and she is grieved when Tanis dies during the Chaos War. Gilthas is taken away to be a puppet king to the Qualinesti, and following her husband’s death, she joins him there, leading an underground rebellion. During this time she again earns the love and respect of her fellow elves. She forms a close bond with general Medan, a deep friendship and respect that would have perhaps been love if not for the fact that her heart is only for Tanis. When Beryl decides to destroy Qualinesti, she leads the final fight against her, thrusting the dragonlance into her. She is killed, along with all of the elves who remained behind to defend Qualinost.

Psychology of Laurana: Laurana first appears weak and pampered, but when she takes on responsibility she discovers her own inner strength. She leads an army, watches her husband’s struggle between herself and another woman, supports him in his greater struggle for acceptance, watches her son lead a people under attack, and faces the great dragon, Beryl. Even as she watches armies attack her people and her husband die, she remains firm. She is not without fear, but she has an inner core of strength to overcome all fear and grief, which is why she is such a talented leader. She creates a beautiful image, but people follow her because they know that below the “Golden General” is a core of steel.

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