Kaz the minotaur

The best of the minotaur bunch! Honorable, yet sensible, Kaz learned much from Huma.

Picture of Kaz

(Picture by from the cover of Land of the Minotaurs)

Name: Kazigathi of the clan of Orig

Race: Minotaur fighter

Books: Legend of Huma, Kaz the minotaur, Land of the Minotaurs

Quotes: Kaz’s quote page

Family: father, Ganthirogani; mother, Kyri; sister, Fliara; brother, Raud; brother in law, Hecar; wife, Helati; twin children; and numerous other brothers and sisters

Love(s): Helati

Friends: Huma, Delbin, the other minotaurs from his village

Description: Typical minotaur

History: Before the Dragon War, Kaz trained in the arena, and was the only one to reach the status of grand champion without challenging the emperor in honorable combat. He did not challenge him, because he saw his brother die after the emperor challenged him and drugged him before the match, so he could not fight. Kaz is disgusted that the minotaurs should be forced to serve under such honorless men as the ogres. Finally, when he can stand it no longer, he rebels against the leader of his regiment in honorable combat. He wins, and escapes, but is caught later by a horde of goblins. Huma, disgusted by the idea of anyone being taken prisoner by goblins, and, not knowing at first that he is a minotaur, frees him. Kaz is honor-bound to Huma, to whom he owes his life, and so he stays by his side, and learns that people should not fight needlessly and die for lost causes. He also learns that humans are not without honor, and minotaurs are not the supreme race of the universe. He gives the knights valuable information about the forces of darkness, and defeats an evil renegade mage. Kaz traveled with a kender, Delbin and was chased by his fellow minotaurs for years, because they believed his combat was unhonorable, but when he was captured by them they saw his innocence and let him go. Meanwhile, the knighthood had fallen to pieces in the two years after the war, and Kaz found the cause, the knights had gathered the remains of a magical artifact from the same wizard Kaz defeated, and kept them in their citadel. Once more Kaz defeated the wizard and stopped him from coming back from the dead. He married Helati, one of the minotaurs who had captured him, and she and her brother came to live with Kaz in a village they established. Soon others joined them there, and Kaz and Helati had twins. Helati’s brother left the village and was captured by the minotaurs when he went to the city. Kas went after him and was joined once more by Delbin, who pretended to be Kaz’s slave. They meet up with Kaz’s father, and Kaz and his father are caught. Delbin gets away, and when Kaz, his father, and Helati’s brother are brought to the arena, Delbin diverts everyone by setting fires and freeing the animals. Kaz & Co. escape, but are captured by the clan who put them on trial, and Delbin is captured by the minotaurs. While under capture he discovers a young girl, when Kaz comes to bail him out, he finds out that the high priest holding Delbin is really a dragon, and the girl is also one. The two battle, and finally they are both killed. Kaz is honored as a hero, and he returns back to his village to live in peace with his family.

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