Huma of the Lance

The greatest hero among the knighthood. Huma is known for his courage, bravery, and unending obsession with honor.

Name: Huma

Race: human knight

Books: The Legend of Huma, he’s mentioned in a lot of books, especially Chronicles and Kaz the Minotaur

Quotes: Huma’s quote page

Family: None

Love(s): The Silver Dragon

Friends: Magius, Kaz

Description: Clothed as a Knight of Solamnia

History: Huma grew up in a small town with his friend, Magius. He joined the knighthood, and fought in the Dragon War, with a silver dragon. Together they traveled to the cave where the silver for the dragonlances originated. Huma was later shocked to find she was a silver dragon, for she had appeared to him as a human, but he realized he loved her anyway, and they both died in the final battle.

After they died Huma became a legend, written about all over the place. “Canticle of the Dragon” is a song about Krynn’s Dragons in the begining of Dragons of Autumn Twilight describes Huma’s life.

“Thus Huma, Knight of Solamnia,

Lightbringer, First Lancer,

followed his light to the foot of the Khalkist Mountains,

to the stone feet of the gods,

to the crouched silence of their temple.

He called upon the lance makers, he took on

their unspeakable power to crush the unspeakable evil,

to thrust the coiling darkness

Back down the tunnel of the dragon’s throat.

Paladine, the Great God of Good,

shown at the side of Huma,

strengthening the lance of his strong right arm,

and Huma, ablaze in a thousand moons,

banished the Queen of Darkness,

banished the swarm of her shrieking hosts

back to the senseless kingdom of death, where their curses

swooped upon nothing and nothing

deep below the brightening land.” (5)

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