Goldmoon: Princess of the Qué Shu

Goldmoon is a strong fighter who loves both Riverwind, and her people. She’s chosen by Mishakal to bring the knowledge of the gods back to Krynn.

(Picture by Larry Elmore from the cover of Dragons of the Autumn Twilight)

Name: Goldmoon

Race: human barbarian of the Que Shu tribe

Books: All Chronicles, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, The Fifth Age Trilogy, Spirit of the Wind

Quotes: Goldmoon’s quote page

Family: Her father, the chieftain of the Que Shu; her mother, Tearsong, who dies when she is young; her husband, Riverwind; her two daughters

Love(s): Riverwind of the Que-Shu

Friends: The companions

Description: The most notable thing about Goldmoon is her hair, which has the appearance of gold and silver strands spun together. In Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Goldmoon’s face is described as “like the face of a marble statue- classic, pure, cold.” (35)

History: Goldmoon was born the daughter of the chieftain of the Que-Shu, and becomes chieftain after the death of her father (and most of the Que-shu) after the draconians kill everyone. She is raised as the tribe’s goddess and worshipped as its goddess. Later she falls in love with the son of a shepherd who believes in the old gods. She is told the truth about the gods when she goes to speak with her ancestors. Riverwind goes on a quest to find proof of the old gods in order to marry Goldmoon. While he is gone, the chieftain becomes ill and Goldmoon rules in his place for ten years. When Riverwind returns, the chieftain says that he is lying and that the staff is not proof of the gods. Goldmoon will not leave his side, and is to run with Riverwind from her tribe. The two of them meet the Companions in the Inn of the Last Home (when Goldmoon is twenty-nine), and stay with them during the War of the Lance. Goldmoon uses the Blue Crystal Staff to kill a dragon, and becomes the first true cleric after the Cataclysm. She is cleric of the goddess Mishakal, a goddess of healing. She spreads the word of the true gods, teaching others about them. During the War of the Lance, Goldmoon is married to Riverwind. They return to the Que-shu to lead the tribe, and have several children together. After the gods leave during the Chaos War, Goldmoon continues her work as a cleric, doing mystical healing. She is killed during the War of Souls, and the Dark Queen tries to take life in her body, but fails.

Psychology of Goldmoon: Goldmoon is a healer, and finds satisfaction in helping others, even when her healing power and mysticism both leave she does what she can to help. In her youth she was vain and haughty, until she met Riverwind, who didn’t bow before her, and talked to her mother’s spirit who told her that she was not divine as the tribe’s custom said. This crushed her pride and vanity, and her attraction to Riverwind may have been due to the fact that treated her differently. She was able to grow strong only because she shed her the delusions of her youth- this gave her the strength to unite her people under her ailing father, and to later carry the Blue Crystal Staff into the world. She saw her village destroyed and a lot of other destruction during the War of the Lance, but her love for Riverwind and the help of theGoddess Mishakal helped carry her past her grief at the destruction she saw to help others to build a future.

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