Flint Fireforge

Stubborn, strong, and sure, Flint loves a good cup of ale and a nice piece of wood to carve. He hates boats and horses (which he’s allergic to).

Picture of Flint with Battleaxe

(Picture by from the cover of Kindred Spirits)

Name: Flint Fireforge

Race: Hill Dwarf, fighter

Books: Chronicles, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Kindred Spirits, The Companions, Flint the King

Quotes:Flint’s quote page

Family: Mother; Father,Reghar; Older brother, Alymar; younger brothers and sisters, Tybalt, Bernhard, Ruberic, Glynnis, Fidelia, etc.; nephew, Basalt.

Love(s): Kirsig, Perian

Friends: Tas, Tanis, the Companions

Description: Like many dwarves, Flint loves to create things with his hands. Originally a metal smith by trade, he enjoys whittling even when he retires and becomes an adventurer instead. He is extremely skilled and his creations are beautiful. At the beginning of the War of the Lance, he’s described as having a gray beard and moustaches, white eyebrows, and skin that is brown, wrinkled, and cracked “like old leather.” (Dragons of Autumn Twilight, 107)

History: One of the original companions, Flint helps much in the War of the Lance. He is the first to understand who Fizban really is when he dies. His story begins before the war when he is a forge master. His work is of such extreme high quality that the elves of Qualinesti invite him to become their metalsmith. He agrees and, though he is misunderstood by many condescending elves, he is loved by many, especially the children for whom he crafts numerous toys. He befriends Tanis, a half elf-half human, while with the elves, and becomes a close friend to the persecuted adolescent, finding a kinship with another who does not fit in. The two move to Solace, where they find a home in the tree top world and a shelter from a society that doesn’t understand. They meet the companions there, including Tas who leads them on a quest to find a bracelet Flint made for a Dargonesti princess, that Tas lost. Before the war, when the companions separate for five years, Flint is taken prisoner by Gully Dwarves and forced to become their king. He fights a battle with them.

During the War of the Lance, Flint travels with the Companions, but he dies before the war’s end and is carried off by Fizban>. [A friend of mine cried, but I think I wasn’t exactly sure what had happened soon enough to react.] Flint was 148 at the start of the War of the Lance.

Psychology of Flint: Flint attempts to appear gruff, but we know he actually cares very much for his friends when we see his thoughts. Flint is caring in general: while in Qualinost he carves toys for the elven children. Of all the companions, even semi-companion Kitiara, Raistlin is the only one he does not like. Flint speaks plainly when he does not like anyone, but less so when he does. This is typical of the way that men are taught to only show emotions of anger and never ones of sadness or love.

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