Delbin, lovable kender, friend of minotaurs, slightly obsessed with Kaz’ adventures.

(Picture by from inside Land of the Minotaurs)

Name: Delbin Knotwillow

Race: Kender

Books: Kaz the Minotaur, Land of the Minotaurs

Quotes:Delbin’s quote page

Family: None known of

Love(s): None known of

Friends: Kaz, the minotaur

Description: tall for a kender

History: Kaz’ lovable kender pal, Delbin, adores listening to Kaz’ stories. Delbin plans to be a historian, but every time he reaches into his pouch to find his book, he pulls something else out instead. He helps Kaz in Land of the Minotaurs and helps free him and foil the evil dragon who was trying to control the minotaurs and all of Krynn by pretending to be a slave. This allows him to get into the city and penetrate the minotaur forces with Kaz. When Kaz is caught and put in the coliseum, he frees all the animals and starts a fire to distract everyone so Kaz can escape. He helps Kaz discover the secret of the leader of the cult of Sargonnas, and eventually helps stop an evil dragon from taking over the minotaurs.

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